Board of Directors

The Spoken Word Canada Board of Directors is a decision-making body charged with formulating SpoCan’s overall operational, financial and strategic direction. Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the general membership every year in October at the Annual General Meeting during CFSW.

SpoCan’s current Board of Directors consists of:

  • Sammy Bassam Hal√©vy (Vancouver), National Director
  • Michelle Hillyard (Mississauga), Secretary
  • Kathleen Driscoll (St. Catharines), Treasurer
  • Elise Gordezky (Guelph), Co-Chair Communications
  • Jon Hedderwick (Peterborough), Co-Chair Member Relations
  • Rusty Priske (Ottawa), National Slam Master (non-voting)
  • Rabbit Richards (Vancouver), Member-at-Large
  • Nisha Patel (Edmonton), Member-at-Large
  • estefania alfonso falcon (yes)(Toronto), Member-at-Large
  • Robyn Kaur Sidhu (Hamilton), Member-at-Large
  • Dana Neily (Victoria), Member-at-Large
  • Emily Carson-Apstein (Montreal), Member-at-Large
  • Kay Kassirer (Vancouver), Member-at-Large
  • Johnny MacRae (Vancouver), Member-at-Large
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