Anti-Oppression Committee

SpoCan’s Anti-Oppression Committee (AOC) is tasked with understanding and promoting anti-oppressive organizational policies and procedures within SpoCan’s national programming. This includes promoting practices that do not discriminate based on race, class, religion, gender, sex, orientation, ability, or age, in order to create spaces that are as free from systemic oppression as possible. It also supports SpoCan member series in doing the same for their events.

If a member of the national spoken word community has a grievance related to systemic oppression experienced at a SpoCan-sponsored event (CFSW, CIPS, and YouthCanSlam), they can fill out the AOC Grievance Form. The AOC also accepts grievances regarding incidents that happened at local events where there is a conflict of interest that prevents the grievance from being handled locally – for example where the person committing the oppression is in a position of power within the community.

The Safer Space Committee was started in 2013 and then renamed the “Anti-Oppression Committee” (AOC) at the SpoCan AGM in October 2014 when its new mandate and grievance policy were passed.

Members are elected every year at the SpoCan AGM during CFSW. Any individual in the national spoken word community is eligible for nomination.


To contact the AOC, send an email to

AOC Resources

The Safer Space Toolkit includes:

  1. Code of Conduct (Honour Code)
  2. Guide for local slams to manage complaints of assault
  3. Slam host script (a template to create the spiel before a show)
  4. Important note for audiences and participants

SpoCan AOC Grievance Form
– It can be a good idea to contact the AOC before filing this form to learn more about the process.

Other Resources

Creative Interventions Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Stop Interpersonal Violence
– A thorough overview of community-based responses to interpersonal violence, complete with concrete tools for intervening effectively and creatively.

INCITE! Resources for Organizing
– Educational resources that work to stop violence against women of colour and create safer communities.

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